Another  week has flown by.  And we are very thankful for the rain we finally received.
      One family started canning this week she canned pickles and boy do they look yummy, she is very excited because for years she has wanted to do this and use her husbands mother’s recipe and keep her tradition going.  And she “quoted” without the Grow Appalachia project I do not believe I would have been able to do it by myself. Thank you Grow Appalachia
     The youths have been very busy down at the community center this week they worked on composting in containers.  So they can actually see how composting really works.   They also did a art project where
they used old picture frames, and then added things like seashells, beads, and letters and shapes the kids also loved this project, most kids did more than one.  We would like to thank Bob Henery Baber who came down and did this project with the children we hope we will be able to have him back again maybe next time for a reading since he is a bookwriter. Thank You Bob.
     Our members received steaks and weeding hoes this week and are very thankful for this.
Not only have our members being eating out of their gardens, but they have being sharing it with the community and others its nice to see this program is bringing our community closer than I have seen in a long time.
     I wish I had pictures to share with you but I have been having a little problem with my camera, but I will be posting extra pictures on my next blog to share with you about the things I have shared this week. Take care everyone until next time. Bye