We were excited for our visit today with John Paul at the Community Garden in Laurel County.
Lots of visitors from the other Grow Appalachia participants arrived to join in the festivities. John Paul is such a nice inspirational person. He made a point to try to speak to, shake a hand or give a hug to everyone.

John Paul gave a heart warming story of growing up and having a garden with his family. He is a great inspiration to others to grow and eat healthy vegetables. To become more self sufficient and to take pride in doing so.

We enjoyed our meal together. Everyone brought dishes and most were prepared with vegetables from their home gardens. It was all delicious.

 David and one of our garden participants Ricky enjoying conversation on this beautiful day. We were blessed with sunny skies and cool temps.

John Paul with Wayne Riley whom is the coordinator for the LCAAHC Grow Appalachia program in Laurel County.

                          And lastly we finished the day with games and prizes for the kids.

We want to thank John Paul DeJoria for his kind words and generosity for the Grow Appalachia Program.  It has really made an impact in the lives of people in the Appalachia area to be able to provide their families with a means to grow fresh vegetables, that otherwise they would not be able to afford. John Paul was sent home with various baskets of fresh veggies, canned veggies, a quilt and a picture that was gave to him from various Grow Appalachia participants.