This morning.  I was greeted by a resident of our shelter who has been participating in our work-stipend program.  This woman has been very dedicated in her work and in her attentiveness to the gardens.  She told me that she had written something about her experiences with the farm. She put alot of thought and consideration into this lovely letter….this poem, really.  I am so proud of her for all of the amazing, positive work she is doing and am honored to be able to share a little bit from her perspective:

“On a summer Kentucky morning, as I walk through the garden, seeing the sunflowers growing high, the sun shining among the apple trees, the flowers dancing with the wind, gathering wildflowers to put in my windowsill.

I enjoy the smell of the fresh herbs, gathering them to herb butter and mint tea.  I enjoy planting the cucumbers, pulling the onions, gathering the potatoes, hoping for rain on this hot summer. 

I also like tending to the blackberries and tasting them, too. How sweet they are!  Eager to make jam.

As the day ends, sitting down for dinner I enjoy having fresh salad, baked potatoes, and herb butter on bread, later enjoying a cup of mint tea with some raspberry cookies… and being thankful for being part of such a beautiful garden!”