Hey this is Sue G. from the LMU project.  Last week I had my grandson helping at the garden too.  I agree it’s such wonderful thing to share.  He helped the kids plant pumpkins, melons, and squash.  then we went to the other part of  the garden to harvest our beans, peas and zuchinni from our raised beds.  I asked him to do the picking and went off to finish digging my garlic.  He came over with the bag and was so delighted with it all especially the long gorgeous purple pole beans.  We then went to the potato field with a 5 gallon bucket and began digging.  the 1st plant had to have had 5 lbs of red potatoes.  We got some of all 3 kinds we had, the bucket was almost full and I said thats enough.  He said just 1 more plant, but I think he dug at least a couple more.  Our bucket was heaped and we were heaped with delight.  What a lovely evening of sharing the garden work with other members and the joy of the harvest.  We’ve brought this great food to eat at our cottage in Michigan and are happily cooking it for all our visiting family.  What a blessing!