With all the problems that the drought is starting to have on our gardens, one of our participants is coming up with some ways to water without the use of using water from the city system. They were using a rain barrel but since no rain, it has become useless. They have a creek that runs by their home and they were trying to find the cheapest way to set up their watering system. They found a water pump for 7.99 at Tractor Supply that uses a drill to run it. It is set up and all they have to do is plug it in everyday when they water.

They had to dam up the creek because it is very low on water.
This pump is running through 150 feet of water hose and it does have a pretty good stream of water for a cheaper pump. They calculated the energy costs to run the drill and it costs approx. .10 an hour to run. They have been watering about 3 hours every other day and have reported very little difference on their electric bill.

If the drought continues they will have to move to a bigger creek that is farther from their home because the smaller creek will dry up soon.