Rain Crow  – One of our participants heard the song of a rain crow yesterday.  According to folklore legend, if you hear the song of a rain crow,  then it is going to rain within the next few days.  Sing, little bird, sing!  

   Justice Center Garden      
 One of our community gardens is at the justice center and is   maintained by prisoners.  The garden is a full one acre, and it is so beautiful and perfectly maintained that people often drive by just to see it or take pictures.    The land belongs to a family that lives beside the justice center.  They generously allow the use of their land, even though the location of the garden allows prisoners to work within 100 feet from their front door.   It is considered a privilege for the prisoners to work in the garden and only the best behaved (trustees) are allowed to work in the garden.    In addition to feeding the 150 – 175 prisoners that are housed at the justice center, much of the produce from the garden is given to the local senior citizens center. 

              Garden Participant of the Week  
                         – Mr. Gayther

Our Garden participant of the week is Mr. Gayther.  He is a volunteer who manages the Justice Center garden.  He is hard at work in the garden at the crack of dawn every morning.  He is  incredibly generous with his time, and he is so kind that the prisoners love working in the garden with him.  He had heart bypass surgery less that a year ago.  It hasn’t slowed him down.  We are proud of him and the work he has done for the Justice Center garden.