Esther, Big Ugly Community Center

Our summer program started Monday and approximately 50 students K through 12 are spending one period a day concentrating on Food and Nutrition, a class led by a Summer VISTA, Erin Finsel.  On their first day the younger students drew pictures of their favorite foods, while the older ones pinned their names in a Venn diagram showing if they eat fruits every day, vegetables every day, or both.  Every one visited the gardens, identifying the vegetables that they knew and learning to recognize the others.  Peas and beans were ready to pick, and the first squash was harvested too!  With pizza, hot dogs, ice cream and candy proliferating the favorite food discussion, we are excited to be promoting fresh fruits and vegetables and also getting the kids into the kitchen to prepare healthy snacks and meals in the upcoming weeks.

Desmond shows off his drawing of favorite foods.
The girls chose to take beans home on the first day!
4th-6th graders try sugar snap peas for everyone’s first time.
Identifying cucumbers (& cute hay bale tomatoes in background!)