Callie in her garden

                                  Wayne trimming a pepper plant

                                   Onions out of Callie’s garden

Miss Callie is a new gardner. This is her very first vegetable garden. Callie is a very sweet lady, and so excited about her garden. She is eager to see how much produce her garden brings. In her garden she has 5 different varieties of tomato plants. Heirloom cucumber, and melon plants. Some sweet bell pepper, and onions.

                                          Beefsteak Tomato’s

                           Tony given a helping hand in pulling onions

                             Callie’s very first bell pepper of the year                           
                                                Banana Pepper
                               Ms. Wehner’s overall Garden                                            

 To be her very first garden, Callie has done a very good job. In the beginning she was worried if she was doing things right. Now that it is growing so well she is amazed how things just popped up out of the ground and took off. Just as excited as any child with a new toy. It is just joyful to see her get so excited. People like her is what makes it such a joy to help others.

                         Wayne showing Callie how to prune the tomato

Salena Henson