Raised Beds

                                 Cabbage, Lettuce, and Onions

                                                     Large Onions


These are the raised beds here at the office, (lcaahc) were we have our meetings. We have been complimented on these every day. We are located at a 3way stop in the middle of town. As people come and go, some we know and some we don’t will just say “Love what u all have done with the place, the vegtables look yummy.” Others will stop , get out, walk in just to say “hi, and i’m gonna swip me an onoin one of these days!” They are just kidding of course.
It just feels great to know that so many people pay attention and see that u can grow something to eat just about anywere. No matter if you live in town, in an appartment, or mabe even a subdivision. You can still grow your own vegtables.
We hope that this encourages the folks who feel like they can’t grow a garden, because of thier living arrangements. That yes they can. With a small box like these, a little dirt, and the determination to want fresh veggies. It will happen.     
                                        Salena Henson