We had our bi-monthy meeting on Tuesday 6-19-12. Wayne started the meeting discussing our upcoming visit with John Paul Dejoria set for July 12th at the Laurel Co. Community garden. Making plans for his arrival. Everyone in the garden program is excited to meet him, we have many new participants this year that did not get to meet him last year. Next we talked about everyone’s gardens concerns, if any. Overall everyone is pleased with their garden’s progress.  Some had issues with crows, deer and raccoons so we were discussing different methods of trying to keep them out of our gardens. A few members bordered their gardens with ribbon, when the wind blows it, it causes a loud humming sound. Another member hangs old CDs with fishing line around her garden and when the sun hits it, it causes a big flash of light. Many great ideas were shared. Our monthly harvest sheets were turned in, everyone excited to be harvesting from their gardens after all the hard work.