The Community garden is thriving despite the lack of water.  Everyone has been working really hard this year keeping their gardens looking nice and keeping them healthy.

Garden #1: Dale & Greta Beach garden is looking good. They have harvested new potatoes, brocolli, green onions and cauliflower from there garden. Dale is watering his plants while his Granddaughter was with him watering her flowers.

Garden #2: Mr..Cornett’s garden is doing good, we were discussing gardening. I love talking with veteran gardeners about their gardens. You can learn so much from them and most are eager to teach what they have learned over the years of gardening.

Garden #3: Mally Osbourne’s. They have early and late beans planted to have plenty to put away for winter.

Garden #4: Debra Smith’s garden is really coming along. She takes great pride in keeping her garden neat and organized.

Garden #5,6,7,9,10 is the community garden plots. Everything is doing very well. Should start harvesting tomotoes and cabbage very soon. Many of the vegetables were planted for early and late crops. This will keep fresh produce coming throughout the growing season.

The day we were here, garden coordinator Wayne Riley harvested cucumbers and squash. These are going to be taken to Laurel Heights Home for the Elderly. They get so excited when they receive baskets of fresh vegetables, lots of the residents love to tell stories about their own gardens when they were able to grow their own.

Garden #8: Wanda Buttrey’s garden is coming right along

Garden #11: Bob & Diane Moore’s garden. They had some issues with their beans, either deer or raccoon ate 3/4th of their crop, they eat all the leaves off each plant, leaving only stems. They are going to replant their beans as it is one of their favorite vegetables. I missed getting a picture of their garden but it is doing good.