The Hoskins have a home garden in Clay County that is doing good. This is the second year that they have grown a garden and are really enjoying it. The first year they grew tomatoes, corn and beans. This year they are Grow Appalachia participants and have really shown a lot of interest in growing different kinds of homegrown vegetables. 

They have 2 teenage Sons that are new to gardening and have been working a lot in the garden. Their favorite is corn so they put out an early and late crop to be sure to have plenty to put up for winter.

          They have grown Roma tomatoes this year because it provides a meatier tomato for canning. They are  trying both caged and staked tomatoes to see which one works best for them.

Their beans are heirloom variety known as Little Greasies that were handed down by his family at least 4 generations that they know of, so saving seed for next years crop is very important.

They have already harvested peas, onions, cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower. Out of 8 broccoli plants they have harvested almost 2 bushel so far. They have frozen a lot to have for the winter. Looking forward to the peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers that are almost ready to begin harvesting.

These carrots are looking good but to small to eat yet, she pulls one weekly in anticipation of them ripening.

This meal was fixed with all vegetables from their garden. Broccoli, cabbage and new potatoes are fresh. The beans and corn are from last years garden.