All is well with the Grow Appalachia program at St Vincent Mission but I am ready to start doing rain dances if we don’t get some rain soon. Many of our participants have large gardens and using “city water” is just not cost effective for those who are on fixed incomes. Some have creeks near their gardens and one has a pond in the middle of his acre garden plus six kids to haul the water to the plants. I could have used some of those extra hands this morning.
 I just watered the raised beds and the raspberry patch here at the Mission and it took almost two hours and the whole fifty gallon rain barrel. The rain barrel is a real blessing. When I know that rain is coming, I fill milk jugs I have saved with water from the barrel to make room for more of the free stuff. I am thinking about putting another one on the back of the warehouse to collect even more of this precious liquid. Until that happens I would appreciate your prayers for some gentle, warm showers here in eastern Kentucky…and maybe some dancing lessons. Stay green and growing. Sr. KC.
Rain barrel on front and milk jugs in back
Rain barrel on corner of warehouse
I put some extra pictures of the Mission garden. It is small but mighty and everyone stops to talk veggies with me when I am out working in it. It’s a great relationship building tool.

peppers and tomatoes doing the weave in shredded paper mulch. the neighbors aren’t too sure about this.

this cabbage is destined for kraut…yum

this banana pepper plant has big expectations

some of these onions are ready for braiding

beautiful raspberries