Here in Laurel Co. we have added chickens to our Grow Appalachia Garden Program. This is just a few that we have. White Leghorns, Rhode Island Reds, and Buff Rocks. These are Harold Cornett’s, he is one of our gardeners who is taking part in the chickens. Harold was raised on farm fresh eggs and loves the idea of getting back to some of his childhood ways of life. Not only does the garden provide fresh vegetables, the chickens provide fresh eggs. His garden is about one acre of land, with every vegetable imaginable. He has 20 chickens that produce about 1 dozen eggs daily. Harold has shared fresh vegetables and eggs with 14 families in the area where he lives so far this year. He expects thier to be more by the end of the season. Our plan is for all our gardeners, thier friends, and families to develope healthier eating habbits.              
                                                                   Salena Henson