Revelation Ranch is an equine ministry in Letcher County.   The owners, Peri and Ricardo Pardo relocated to Letcher County from Boone, North Carolina after a mission visit to the community.    They and their children, along with 23 horses have made Letcher County home and many locals now consider them family.   They have over fifty school age children that they work with during the school year and have a summer long camp for children.    The Pardos were eager to begin growing some of their own food as they provide food for the children and often their families for meals during camp.   Although, they are experienced with the horses, they had little experience in the garden.   The Pardos recruited an experienced gardener from the community to help with the planning and now have their garden growing.    The farm they are on has no shortage of  hands for working in the garden.   The first day of camp began with getting the corn, beans and vegetables in the ground.  To learn more about Revelation Ranch visit their website at or visit them on facebook at PeriandRicardo Pardo.