And who doesn’t love Green Onions.  This onion
patch has already given their gardener and some friends. Something really taste e   

And look at the potatoes.  This gardener planted 50lbs of Red potatoes and 50lbs of Idaho and they are doing
great..He plans to feed his family the whole winter long with them.  Bring some to the farmers market if we get that up and running.  But the best of all is they plan to donate at least 200lbs. just to families in need.  Who can’t afford or have a ride to get potatoes and other vegetables.

We are all very excited right now because things are beginning to grow.

We also have exciting news we had a veteran join our program, we feel that the community outreach, is really reaching out to people and helping them when they need it.

 We have a busy week coming. Till next week Grow Appalachia Grow.