“Meet the Seedlings” will be the next participant workshop at High Rocks.  We will be handing out the starts from our hoop house and tools that we have purchased for our participants on Thursday, May 24th.   Also up for grabs will be “mystery tomatoes,” a batch with unreadable labels from our well-intentioned, but ill-fated effort to write on recycled milk jug plastic to mark the varieties.  Weeds are starting to pop up in our tilled gardens so we are also offering a hand-tool demonstration on how to best curb these unwanted guests.  We will also have a tour of our seed saving garden at High Rocks and an “ask the expert” Q&A session.

On Mother’s Day, before the rains came, I had excellent help planting some heirloom tomatoes.  Never underestimate a little one’s enthusiasm for working in the garden…especially when there are so many worms to be caught!