Weeding–the grass wants to come back

Jody uncovers one of our potatoes–they are growing really well, and we continue to hill up with straw.
Our new sign. The truck functions as our tool shed–hopefully we can paint a mural on it someday.

Hello plant lovers/garden gurus/local food crusaders:

We have organized set dates where we will be in the garden working with volunteers on maintaining the place. We have two gardens left to till out of 22–yay! Jody, pictured above, is a local gardener with a degree in horticulture. Her dedication to the garden is refreshing and I love working with her. We hope that as people get used to us being in the garden on these set days they will come by with questions and come to work and learn. We have printed up more brochures about the project to distribute to local churches to hopefully gain more volunteers. We have a lot of potential volunteers–several college students are interested and once exams are over they hopefully will be regulars we can count on. We have set up some work days with children 12-15 during the summer. We are doing all we can to make this template garden a functioning educational garden. We are also working with some high school students to create some educational and artistic garden signs. Everything growing is still in its beginning stages, and our potatoes are doing the best. The difference in the moisture level and weed level underneath the mulch is astounding–I strongly suggest growing potatoes with straw, and mulching your pathways, and all around your growing plants with leaves, grass clippings, etc. Luckily we know a mower and he supplies plenty.

On the 17th we will have our next planting workshop, and reminder postcards have been sent out to all the participants. We are also creating garden journals for participants for them to document harvest, pest issues, observations, and draw a garden map. I look forward to our next workshop and touching base with all the participating families, and continuing to work in the template garden with volunteers.