Hello my name is Andrewiena Corathers but everyone calls me (Annie) and I am the new Project Coordinator Manager for the Appalachia Grow Project, at the Big Ugly Community Center In Harts West Virginia. I am very excited about what the program offers not only to myself but to the whole community.

     This is last weeks blog, please forgive me, it’s my first time blogging.  On April 16, the program held a safety class on learning how to use the tiller safely.  Everyone met up at the community center from there proceeded to Marcelle St. Germain were the workshop was held. We practice using the tiller and it’s functions in a safely manner.  And how to take care of it.  The tiller is now available to all those who attended the workshop. Also thanks to Jeremy Grant from the West Virginia Department of Agriculture Health and Safety for attending.

      On April 18 we also did a raised project.  We completed for Dale Kennedy a member of the Appalachia Grow Project.  With the help of a group of college student volunteers we were able to build 5 raised beds and start them with the soil needed.  Everyone had fun, with the project and learned things in the process. Even a 4yr. old Tecumseh lending a helping hand.

                                                   Are Youth Group is also doing there own grow project.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Here Jessi works with the after school kids to plan their raised beds.


The after school kids then put their seeds on a paper towel  which is glued so then  they can  proceed to place them in the raised beds they made to be buried.  All the kids were great!!!!

 Last but not least (We are still waiting on are test soil results.)  Hopefully we will get them soon.

       So everyone is now in the process of tilling up there garden and getting seeds and plants in the ground. And soon we will see our gardens grow.    YEA!!!!