It has been another action
   packed week for the Scott 
   County Grow Appalachia 
   team. We have been busy 
   plowing and tilling ground for 
   our participants.   We have 
   finished distributing fertilizer, 
   onions sets, and seed 
   potatoes. The weather has  
   been just perfect!   

pastedGraphic.pdf          pastedGraphic.pdf          pastedGraphic.pdf 

  Our plants in the greenhouse
  at Scott High School are doing    
  very well.  Our participants 
  have requested a large variety
  of plants.   They have 
  requested  six different 
  types of tomatoes, five 
  different types of corn, and 
  eight different types 
  of peppers. 

pastedGraphic.pdfHowever,  the only type of green
bean our participants are asking for 
is the white half runner.  Many of
our folks have said that they want 
half runners because that is 
what their grandparents grew.

Tomato Varieties for Scott County Participants  

Beefsteak                     Big Boy                Early Girl  

    Ideal sandwich tomato.                 Large thick walled tomato               A medium sizes tomato popular  
    It is large and flavorful.                    that is resistant to cracking.          because of its early fruit ripening.
     It does good with little                      Good for sandwiches,                   Good flavor and good for  
                 rainfall.                                cooking and salads                   sandwiches, salads, and cooking.

Celebrity                        Roma                     Cherry 

    Very disease resistant.                 Small tomato with dense flesh,                A small flavorful tomato  
    and reliable producer.                    low moisture content, and few               Good for salads, with dip as
     Good for cooking.                       seeds making it ideal for sauces,                  an appetizer or a 
                                                                  and pastes.                                              garnish.