Last week I posted about the Greenhouse Mentoring Project that the Grow Appalachia Program at St Vincent Mission had started in collaboration with The David School and Todd Howard of HF Farm and Garden. Todd gave his first update report to me this morning and I had to share it with you. What a great way to start a Monday. Have a great, green week. Sr. KC.

What a week!  The kids are doing a great job and starting to get a good grasp on the tasks I expect them to keep up with.  We are all starting to get the hang of this.

Seeds Started – 2300 – Mostly Tomatoes with some Okra, Eggplant & Herbs

Transplants – 1500 – All tomatoes

Both of these numbers will dwindle in the following weeks.

They also performed several other tasks, such as watering hanging baskets (100 +), picking off the lower leaves of older plants, setting up display tables in front of the greenhouse, cleaning debris & garbage inside & outside the greenhouse & removing weeds inside the greenhouse.  We also discussed “Germination Rate”, how to calculate and the importance of the information.

Today I asked Chris, Cody & Matt to help a neighbor out.  He is an old, retired underground miner who is a great neighbor and always willing to help me.  He did not ask for help, as he never will, so I took the boys out and we all helped him spread 8 Cubic Yards of Horse Manure.  I hope I didnt overstep my bounds but I saw this as opportunity to show the boys what being neighborly is all about.  Sometimes you dont wait for someone to ask for help, you just go and do whats right.  My neighbor was delighted for the help and enjoyed the company.  We worked approximately 1 1/2 hour. 

On the agenda for next week, I will be heading to Asheville NC tomorrow for a conference on Marketing in Appalachian and will not return until Wednesday afternoon, so my dad will have the students on Tuesday.  They will be transplanting Peppers and starting some new tomato seeds as well as flower seeds.  On Thursday, we will be transplanting & starting more seeds.  Saturday will consists of even more transplanting, seed starting, hanging basket care and cleaning. 

Once again, thanks for the opportunity.