Hello world!
We had a great time at our soil testing workshops last week. Phil Blevins from the VA Cooperative Extension came out and gave presentations on soil health, fertility, care, and testing—one morning session and one evening session. We will be sending in our soil test for our food pantry garden at Ecumenical Faith and Action, and we sent all participants home with a soil test box and a soil test paper to fill out and get the ball rolling.
We also gave all participants a document we created to survey more of their needs/wants and what they hope to gain from participating in the Grow Appalachia program. Some participants also said they would be interested in helping us with tilling, so that is very exciting.
We have a better idea now of what gardening workshops will be the most beneficial for participants, and what help people need the most to grow successfully.
We also passed out a garden design map that we will be using for the garden at Ecumenical Faith in Action, and that we want the participants to use as a rough guide for their own gardens. We explained the science behind the crop rotation and answered questions about how participants could tweak the design to work on their particular land.
Next up is our spring planting workshop, and tilling participants gardens.
Happy growing.