Back in November I told you about JB and his Atlantic Giant pumpkin venture. Because he had read the seed catalogs, he knew the value in the seeds he had saved and so he decided to sell them. When I saw him over Christmas break, I told him I was interested in purchasing some from him.
Well last week I got my seeds. JB’s mom Crystal, who works with us at the Mission, came in with twelve seeds complete with planting instructions in a zip lock bag. JB had told his mom that he wasn’t sure if I knew how to plant the pumpkin seeds so he’d better give me instructions. They went like this:
“Make a large raised hill, flatten top, water, poke 4 holes and put 1 seed per hole. Cover lightly & tap down.”
I am very excited about growing my giant pumpkins but I am even more excited about knowing “just turned seven yrs old” JB and his mom. They are what the Grow Appalachia program is all about. Not only growing your own food and maybe even earning some money on the side but also one generation passing on to the next the heritage that is Appalachian. My only concern…JB only sold his seeds for $1. The seed catalog wanted $4.95.
Sr. Kathy Curtis
St. Vincent Mission, David, KY