During the first day of camp the girls painted signs to label the veggie rows in the garden.  The signs were a colorful addition to the space.
The second day they planted their signs and some melons. They were a very enthusiastic and energetic crew! 


Lauren gives the young lettuce plants some extra water

 Work was paused momentarily for a butterfly funeral. Everyone gathered around for the burial and a marigold was planted over the grave.

The High Rocks Campground Garden

The garden is located up on top of the hill in the campground . Above it lies the Cranberry Glades Overlook. In the mornings the mist hangs in the mountains and I can’t think of a more lovely spot to be digging in dirt.

We trellised the cucumbers with some of the New Beginnings camp girls.

The squash plants are ready to be harvested.

The High Rocks campground garden and picnic shelter.

We found out that the broccoli does quite well here…we should definitely plant more of it next year!