Sorry this post is late, garden vegetables won’t wait and we have been picking and canning all week…and it continues.
We have had the pleasure of Jennifer Mante interning at the Laurel County African American Heritage Center.  She touched the lives of many people here with her kind spirit and gentle ways.  She will surely be missed.

We hope you pass this way again, Jennifer and good luck in all your endeavors.  We love you very much!

On a happier note, the gardens are continuing.  Some are struggling with the rain, blight or heat; but others are flourishing.  David & Kimberly’s backyard garden is doing well with huge peppers and tomatoes, cucumbers, watermelon, green beans and eggplant.
Huge peppers growing in Kimberly & David’s backyard garden.
A cabbage in David & Kimberly’s backyard garden.
The blight beginning on tomatoes in David & Kimberly’s backyard garden.
David & Kimberly have been canning pickles, green beans, dill zucchinis and so much more. 
I have been canning those same things.  I have been dehydrating cabbage and zucchinis, making and canning soup from vegetables in the garden.  (This years and last years).  Although I am not an expert by any stretch of the imagination, I have been and will be uploading videos of our canning, dehydrating and food preparations on a Youtube Channel  I have done a lot of the past couple of days and those will be uploaded soon. 
Everyone can use this channel to upload videos of what is happening in your gardens.  I have uploaded some videos of some local Grow Appalachia gardens here and have a few interviews there as well and a few to upload. 
If you are logged onto this blog, you can log onto that channel with the same information.
Happy gardening ~ Melanie