Greeting from Floyd County. After a wet spring we are finally getting some planting done although some of our gardeners took advantage of the few dry days we had and got some of their planting done. We have had educational classes on Basic Gardening, Disease & Insect Control and Food Preservation. Even our experienced gardeners have learned something. One young gardener while picking peas said it was like going on a treasure hunt! Below we have pictures of some of our gardens. The first three pictures are of Ryan’s garden, Ryan is about 7 years old and did most of the work himself and even made the labels to know what was planted where. The short video is of Joanne and her grandchildren picking peas. It is great to see our gardeners helping and teaching the younger generations about growing their own food. Great things are happening as we continue to help our neighbors learn more about growing their own produce.
 Have a great day,