Companion Planting

How should I go about starting to plant my garden? This list looks at how to plant, what to plant, ways to plant, where to get seeds, and more. Good luck and have fun!

Companion Planting

BIU Companion Planting

Intro to companion planting, Nitrogen Fixation, Beneficial Habitats, Benefits of Diversity, Stacking plants, and more

BIU Companion Planting

Companion Planting & Botanical Pesticides: Concepts & Resources

Traditional Planting Systems, Companion Chart, Scientific Foundations, Nitrogen Fixation, Uses, Botanical Pesticide Chart, and System design

Companion Planting

A Pictorial Guide to Hedgerow Plants for Beneficial Insects

Includes plants, their characteristics, images, and additional considerations


Crop Spacing

Crop Spacing Chart

Crop, Row Spacing, Number of Rows per 30″ Wide Bed, and Plant Spacing



Fertilizer Infographic for “Mountain Pride Fertilizer”

Read your Soil test, How much P and K are in your fertilizer, How much fertilizer to add to a 100 sqft Garden Bed, and How much fertilizer do I need for my entire garden.


Organic Gardening

USDA Guide for Organic Crop Producers

How to use the guide, Organic Agriculture –Description and History, The Certification Process, Writing the Organic, System Plan (OSP), Soil Fertility, Seeds and Planting Stock, Crop Rotation, Managing Pests, Weeds, and Diseases, The National List of Allowed and Prohibited Substances, Greenhouse Production, Preventing Contamination of Organic Crops, Post-Harvest and Labeling, Recordkeeping, Structural Pest Management, and assorted Resources


ATTRA Resource Guide to Organic and Sustainable Vegetable Production

The Farmer’s Bookshelf, Organic Farming Primer, General Vegetable Marketing, Industry, and Statistics Information, Selected Vegetable Production Materials, Economics of Vegetable Production, Magazines and Newsletters, Databases and Directory Links, Publishers and Book Distributors


Garden Planting

BIU Planting Your Garden Handout

What needs to happen before planting, Planting seeds, Reading a Seed Packet, Fertilizer, Mulching, and Water

BIU Planting Your Garden handout

Garden Planting Dates

Hardy Vegetables, Semi-hardy vegetables, Planting in Summer, Planting Dates, Crop Rotation, and a Vegetable Planting Chart


Soil Temperature Conditions for Vegetable Seed Germination Chart

Crop, Minimum Temp, Optimum Range, Optimum, and Maximum

Soil Temps


Basic Seed Saving

Small book that includes a glossary, an into about seed saving, some more definitions about practices and plant parts, and a collection of seed saving tips for various vegetables

Basic Seed Saving