Garden Planning

How should you go about planning your garden? First, it is important to learn more about your soil so that your plants have the best chance to succeed. It is also vitally important to know what crops will do best and when the best dates to plant are.

Soil Testing

West Virginia University Soil Sample Submission Form

Use this form as a way to easily sample your soil’s content


West Virginia – Taking Soil Samples

A pamphlet on how to sample soil and send it to be tested at the WVU soil test lab.

3.2- PAMPHLET how to sample

WV Filling the Soil Test Form

How to fill out the West Virginia Soil Test Form

4-2 How to Fill the Information Sheet

Fertilizer Infographic for “Mountain Pride Fertilizer”

Read your Soil test, How much P and K are in your fertilizer, How much fertilizer to add to a 100 sqft Garden Bed, and How much fertilizer do I need for my entire garden.


West Virginia University Soil Sample website

Has information on how to take a test and what a test means

How Can I Tell If My Soil is Healthy?

Powerpoint including information on soil health, soil tests, soil profiles, and more



Garden Planning Chart

Planting dates, Crop Rotation, and Vegetable Information Chart

Garden Planning

NRCS Community Garden Guide

New Garden Preparation, Garden Planning guide, Example profile, and Garden Planner Worksheet


Crop Planning for Beginners

Garden Prep 1

Location, Tilling, Beds, What Plants, How many plants, when will you plant, When will you harvest, Will you replant, Where will it Grow

BIU Crop Planning Part 1

Garden Prep 2

Raised beds, Watering and Irrigation, Mulch, Companion Planting, and Crop Rotation

BIU Crop Planning Part 2

Planning Dates

Scheduled Vegetable Plantings for Continuous Harvest

Soil Temperature Chart and Succession Planting Cart for growing food throughout the year


Louisville Grows Planting Calendar

Planting calendar for Northern Kentucky


Planting Schedules by Zone

Zone 6


Zone 7


Year-Round Planting Calendar

Weather, Planting guide, Propagation, and garden maintenance for every month