Crop Mobs- Helping Farmers Network, Community Build, And Access Hands-On Learning Opportunities.

Join us for a hands on learning and networking event for new and beginning farmers. As many new farmers emerge we have seen the need for more farmer networking, community building, and hands on learning opportunities. The crop mob was conceived as a way for many hands to make light work while also building relationships amongst farmers. A Crop Mob provides a space for both novice and experienced farmers to share their knowledge while learning and working together. Our ongoing Crop Mobs will feature regional producers and a variety of projects that teach essential production skills while simultaneously engaging in community building.

Previous Crop Mobs

Millers Farm

On Susan Miller’s farm, we helped her reestablish her blackberry and raspberry beds by installing weed control, irrigation, and trellising for small fruit production.

Chadwell Farm

On Brian Chadwell’s farm, we worked on cover cropping to prep his field for next season’s expanded rice and bean production.

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