–Ellie Bell, High Rocks

Making pesto is like painting, adding a little bit of this and that, stepping back and tasting it, and adding a touch more for texture or taste.

First, of course, the star of the show, the garlic scapes. Mid-August is a great time to thaw out some scapes to make room for all the green beans crowding into the freezer. The gardener will be flooded with memories of harvesting the garlic scapes. It seemed a shame to cut them as they spiraled upward preparing to bloom. It was decided that it is best to harvest the rows of garlic scapes in a hurry then jump in your car and go to a public event, work, or your brother’s house. If your brother complains that you smell like garlic, then make him some pesto, so that he can join the party.


So, the only tool you will need is a food processor and a small knife. Cut up like 6 whole garlic scapes into little pieces (include the stem and the flower bud). Fill the food processor with fresh basil and parsley. Add a slosh of olive oil. Chop it up! Then add the garlic scapes. Add 2 or 3 garlic cloves. Chop it up! Add more olive oil to get the texture where you want it. Add Parmesan cheese and a big handful of any nut of your choice. Cashews make a buttery pesto while walnuts make a hearty pesto. Salt to taste. Add a touch of this and that until the taste and texture are perfect. And then you guessed it…chop it up!

Put it in your scrambled eggs, on your steak, in noodles, or dip it. Then eat a mint and smile.