Project Description


Summer in Over-the-Rhine People’s Garden has been filled with many exciting firsts!

Peaches are ready in the garden. A few Grow Appalachia growing seasons Paul Mitchell School volunteers planted the gardens second peach tree. This month was the first time the two trees fruited together. A few of our gardeners have been enjoying the yummy peaches in smoothies and on top of their oatmeal in the morning before they head to work.

The Over-the-Rhine People’s Garden ( OTRPG) cabbage patch is doing wonderful and providing us all with lots of great vitamins and minerals.

New signs for the communal areas of the garden were created this month too by gardener Chelsea. Thanks so much!

Many of our garden plots have already been re-planted for the cooler fall weather coming up. Not sure what food to plant right now? Try cabbage, kohlrabi, kale, swiss chard, greens, peas, carrots, beets.

Below is a photo of our peas that we started earlier this month in our raised multigenerational beds.

Tomato season is officially here! Tomatoes mixed with chopped garlic chives and basil and bit of olive oil, salt and pepper is an easy salad to prepare and enjoy.

 Gardeners Jeff and Christina love their coffee cup from Berea College but this summer it has also been great holding all the fresh herbs from the garden. 

Garden Coordinator Christina and her husband have been having fun exploring the idea of flower farming and floral designing. They are excited to share that a few of their stems will be featured weekly in a cool neighborhood OTR restaurant, Taft’s Ale House. Check out what they’ve been up to this month as they take us from garden to vase, or maybe beer flight 🙂

Thank you for checking back in with Over-the-Rhine People’s Garden!