Our Mountain Pride fertilizer is chicken litter-based and OMRI-listed for organic production.  This fertilizer has a 3-4-3 analysis, as it is comprised of 3% nitrogen, 4% phosphorus, and 3% potassium.  In addition, it contains 10% calcium.  The nutrients are slow release, making this product ideal for feeding and sustaining a healthy vegetable crop over the season. Being certified organic makes it especially ideal for market growers who specialize in organic produce, or for backyard/hobby gardeners who wish to produce only the healthiest, highest quality vegetables for themselves and their families while being good stewards of their land and the environment.

  • 30lb. 5 gallon bucket with label + resealable lid: $22.65/ bucket
  • 50lb. bag with label (retail): $30.00/ bag
  • 50lb bag with label (wholesale, 10+ bags): $20.00/ bag
  • 1 ton pallet ([40] 50lb bags): $625/ pallet

A pelletized, feather meal fertilizer OMRI listed for organic production. This product is a 13-0-0 composition that is a by-product of the poultry processing industry, making it sustainable and cost effective. This OMRI listed fertilizer includes 100% organic matter that slowly releases nitrogen over a period of 3 months. Feather meal activates compost decomposition and improves the soil structure by interacting with bacteria and nematodes. This breaks down the nitrogen in the soil making it easy for the plants to absorb it at a constant release rate. This is a great cost-effective product perfect for experienced growers!

  • 50lb bag with label (retail, < 10 bags) $60.00/ bag
  • 50lb bag with label (wholesale, 10+ bags) $55.00/ bag

We will deliver or ship for a small fee or pick up is available in Berea, KY.

CLICK HERE for application ratios and instructions 

For all product details or purchasing please contact our Social Enterprise Manager,

Kayla Preston at (859) 302-1174 or prestonk@berea.edu.

feather meal

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