Our Water Catchment & Drip Irrigation Systems

A covered high tunnel creates a dry environment requiring irrigation. Water can be collected from your high tunnel ‘roof’, stored in catchment tanks and used for irrigation. Recycling collected water through an irrigation system requires catchment tanks, a filter, a pump to pressurize the water (electric hook up necessary), a pressure reducer to stabilize pressure, a check valve for backflow prevention, a header line, and drip tape with ‘drip’ emitters.

We sell a variety of water catchment & irrigation materials, design functional systems, and provide installation services within a 150 mile radius around Berea, KY.

All of our installations and materials meet NRCS grant standards. So, you will be guaranteed approval upon completion. Our crew has experience with designing and installing water catchment and irrigation systems and also customize systems based on the fruits & vegetables you want to grow.

For all product details or purchasing please contact our Social Enterprise Manager,

Kayla Preston at (859) 302-1174 or prestonk@berea.edu.

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